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  • Sustainability

    At Waterside Holiday Group we are committed to embedding an attitude which puts environmental sustainability at the heart of all we do. Not only are our team fully committed to doing all they can to support our approach, but we also expect our suppliers and business partners to work with us on this too.

    We try to ensure our actions and operating procedures have the least possible adverse impact on our local and global environment. Together with our suppliers and business partners, we are determined to work towards carbon neutrality and reducing the depletion of natural resources.


    Responsibility for the implementation of our approach towards environmental sustainability rests with our Chief Executive, Dave Bennett. Day to day operational responsibility lies with Justin Smith who welcomes comments and suggestions via the following email address sustainability@watersideholidays.co.uk

    Food Miles

    The distance our food ingredients have to travel before they arrive on our guests’ tables is important to us. We buy local to support neighbouring suppliers, in order to lessen our environmental impact and contribute to the wider Dorset economy. Some significant examples of this are as follows:

    Our fish and shellfish arrive from Bridport, just along the coast from us, courtesy of Paul at Davy’s Locker, a business he founded in 1987.

    Craig’s Farm Dairy at Osmington have been providing milk, butter, ice cream and sorbets to the locality of over 30 years.

    Jurassic Coast Meats of Dorchester specialise in producing grass-fed, free range Aberdeen Angus beef which is reared on the family farm.

    West Country Catch is a family run business supplying restaurants and homes with the finest quality fish caught off the coast of Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. The business was formed in 2013 by Tim & Lou Edwards. They buy local fish from Weymouth, Portland, and West Bay. They also have buyers in Brixham and Newlyn. This allows West Country Catch to source the best quality fish from across Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.

    You’ll see from our menus that our choice of ingredients includes Dorset Blue Vinney and Dorset Red cheeses, fish fillets fried in Dorset Gold Beer, and mussels steamed in Dorset Orchard Haze cider.

    The used cooking oil from our food outlets is collected and converted into bio diesel, which is environmentally friendly and reduces reliance on Petro-chemical products.

    We have also replaced plastic drinking straws with paper or plant starch alternatives in all our food and drink outlets, and use recyclable and biodegradable packaging in our takeaways.

    Renewable Energy & Energy Saving

    We have an ongoing programme of installing solar panels. For all those interested in the technical stuff, progress so far is as follows:

    • Bowleaze Cove Holiday Park & Spa = 167.5kW maximum output, consisting of 509 panels with an estimated yearly output of 165,414 kWh/a or enough to power 48 average homes.
      Saving up to 99,248 Kg of CO2 emissions per year.
    • Chesil Beach = 76.18kW maximum output, consisting of 282 panels with an estimated yearly output of 85,333 kWh/a or enough to power 24 average homes.
      Saving up to 51,200 Kg of CO2 emissions per year.
      Additional solar panels are to be installed, with the long-term goal of running our business on 100% solar energy.
      We’re also striving to reduce our overall energy consumption, our new measures include:
    • All our fleet caravans are fitted with heating controls to prevent the heating being left on, double glazing and energy efficient LED lighting
    • All streetlights on our parks have now been converted to LED. The new bulbs are much brighter, last up to 4x longer and save 48% in energy costs and CO2 emissions. We’ve also installed solar powered street lights at Bowleaze Cove and Chesil Beach.
    • LED lighting in our gym at Bowleaze Cove.
    • We have insulated the hot water pipes in our Bowleaze Cove and Chesil Beach pool plant rooms.
    • Insulation has been fitted to the hot water pipes in the pool plant room at Bowleaze Cove.
    • Our Maintenance department now have 2 more electric vehicles.
    • A second 22kW Pod Point EV charger has been fitted at Bowleaze Cove, meaning we can now charge 4 cars at once.

    Electric Vehicles and Charging Points

    • We have already purchased five electric vans for our Housekeeping and Maintenance departments, as well as three electric cars for our Ownership Enquiries centre. Longer term, it is our intention for all of our fleet to be electric vehicles.
    • At our Bowleaze Cove Holiday Park & Spa, we have installed two Pod Point electric vehicle chargers, each with two 22kW Type 2 sockets, so that we can charge up to four vehicles simultaneously. Depending on the type and model of vehicle connected, the charger can deliver up to 50 miles of range in one hour.
    • At Chesil Beach Holiday Park, we have a single Pod Point electric vehicle charger with two 22kW Type 2 sockets that can charge two vehicles simultaneously. At Chesil Beach Holiday Park we have installed a Pod Point electric vehicle charger with two 22kW Type 2 sockets that can charge two vehicles simultaneously.
    • Owners and guests can download the Pod Point Open Charge App from the Google Play or the Apple App Store.

    Recycling and Waste

      • Biffa is our waste contractor and all recycling collected by them is processed in the UK, while no waste at all goes to landfill. It is not packed into containers and sent to other countries for processing where there is a risk it could end up in the sea and on beaches.
      • Small recycling bins in our own accommodation and owner sub-let caravans make it easier for guests to recycle their waste. Owners who do not sub-let can also join the scheme.

    Recycling then goes into the larger wheelie bin bays in clear bags, we supply these bags to all owners and guests free of charge.

    • New signage has been added to the front of all bins (and bin bays) making it clear what can and cannot be recycled, and this is also inside each holiday home.
    • Waste collections are monitored and waste sorted before collection to reduce contamination.
    • We have achieved a 100% increase in recycling following the implementation of our new recycling scheme.

    Community Action

    • There is a 2 Minute Beach Clean Station at Bowleaze Cove Holiday Park #2minutebeachclean
    • Bowleaze Cove Holiday Park & Spa and Chesil Beach are regular participants and promoters of the Great Dorset Beach Clean.
    • Every year we welcome over twenty thousand visitors, nine thousand of them children. We raise guest awareness of our environmental approach through public signage and our team, to provide a constant reminder.
    • Our new “Waterside Holiday Group” App provides owners and guests with up-to-date-park information and events, reducing waste by printing fewer posters, flyers and leaflets.
    • In July 2019 our team completed a 22 mile walk for Weldmar Hospicecare, our charity of the year, from our park at Osmington to Chesil , following the Jurassic Coastline through Weymouth and around Portland.
    • And in 2021, our team set off again on a 24 mile walk from Golden Cap to Chesil Beach, raising over £5000 for Weldmar Hospicecare.
    • In 2022, we are going a step further and challenging ourselves to a 30 mile walk from Corfe Castle to Chesil Beach, raising money for the Dorset Air Ambulance.

    Access to Public Transport, Trails and Footpaths

      To reduce dependency on private vehicles, the following alternative options are available:
    • Bowleaze Cove Holiday Park: a dedicated bus route (Number 503) to Weymouth seafront, with 3 bus stops within the Park.
    • Bowleaze Cove Holiday Park: the South West Coastal footpath runs through the Park
    • Chesil Beach: there is a bus stop just outside the entrance to the Park – (Number 1) Portland – Weymouth.
    • Chesil Beach: easy access to the Rodwell Trail, a bicycle and pedestrian route to the town centre.
    • Osmington Mills: easy access to the South West Coastal footpath

    Having Fun – Keeping Fit

    • At Bowleaze Cove Holiday Park and Chesil Beach, guests are invited to take part in our Family Sports Days on Saturdays.
    • Fun in the Sun Games take place every Sunday at Bowleaze Cove Holiday Park and Chesil Beach.
    • AFC Bournemouth Community Sports Trust run soccer school sessions during May half term and the summer school holidays at Bowleaze Cove Holiday Park.
    • Kayaks and paddle-boards are available for hire from Weymouth Paddleboard and Kayak on the beachfront at Bowleaze Cove Holiday Park.
    • Cycle-hire is available at all three of our holiday parks, through Weymouth Bike Hire.

    Bee Colony

    • At the start of 2021, we welcomed our very own bee colony to join us at Bowleaze Cove Holiday Park & Spa.
    • We know just how important bees are for our environment and home- planet earth!
    • We look forward to supporting our stripy friends and watching them enjoy the abundance of bee-friendly flowers situated around our park.
    • As an added bonus, they have produced us some delicious, local honey that is sweet as can bee.

    We view our work on environmental sustainability as an on going journey. We’ve got exciting new developments planned to improve our sustainability and reduce our environmental impact, including the reduction of single-use plastic across our parks.


    This page will be updated regularly to share our progress. We welcome suggestions or questions, so please do contact us at sustainability@watersideholidays.co.uk .

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