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The Waterside Quiz

The Waterside Quiz


Quiz time! How much do you really know about Waterside and the local area?

Test your knowledge with our new Waterside quiz which will get you thinking about famous landmarks, nearby beaches and there will even be some questions on Boomer and Vic! Put your families knowledge to the test...

The answers are at the bottom for you to mark your quiz at the end... no cheating! 

ROUND 1: How well do you know your Weymouth Beaches?

#1 Which beach is this?

a) Chesil Beach

b) Man O' War Beach

c) Bowleaze Cove


#2 Which beach is this?

a) Weymouth Beach

b) Chesil Beach

c) Greenhill Beach



#3 Which beach is this?

a) Man O' War Beach

b) Bowleaze Cove

c) Chesil Beach

ROUND 2: How well do you know these famous Landmarks?

#1 What is this famous Landmark called?


#2 What is the name of this ruined castle in the Isle of Purbeck?

#3 What was Corfe Castle known as in Enid Blyton's Famous Five novels?

a) Whispering Castle

b) Smugglers Castle

c) Kirrin Castle

#4 How long is the Jurassic coast?

a) 55 Miles

b) 95 Miles

c) 150 Miles

#5 How long is Chesil beach?

a) 18 Miles

b) 58 Miles

c) 108 Miles

ROUND 3: How much do you know about Waterside Holiday Group? 

#1 Where is Boomer from?

a) America

b) United Kingdom

c) Australia


#2 How old is Vic?

a) 100 years old

b) 200 years old 

c) Over 500 years old


#3 How many years have Waterside Holiday Group been welcoming holiday makers to Weymouth for?

a) 75 Years 

b) 20 Years

c) 57 Years


#4 What colour is Boomer's shirt?

a) Blue 

b) Black 

c) Pink


#5 Where does Vic live?

a) The Blue Lagoon

b) The Waterside Holiday Park

c) The Fleet Lagoon


That's the end of the quiz! How did you do? Scroll down a little to find out the answers for each round...




#1 Bowleaze Cove (c)

#2 Chesil Beach (b)

#3 Man O' War Beach (a)



#1 Durdle Door

#2 Corfe Castle

#3 Kirrin Castle (c)

#4 95 Miles (b)

#5 18 Miles (a)



#1 Australia (c)

#2 Over 500 Years old! (c)

#3 57 Years (c)

#4 Black (b)

#5 The Fleet Lagoon (c)

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