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New Restaurants at Chesil Vista and Waterside for 2019

New Restaurants at Chesil Vista and Waterside for 2019


We are really excited to present some restaurant plans for a brand new restaurant at Waterside, which gives an idea that the level of investment is substantial and will be an overall enhancement to holidays at Waterside. The new restaurant, yet to be named will be in the same location as the existing restaurant, but will link to the outside area nicely, enhancing the success of the south side of the venue. Along with the new restaurant, there will be a new menu focusing on variety and quality with a real push on a local connection, as we have such stunning suppliers on our door step – whether that’s meat from 10 miles away or fish that comes fresh into the harbour. 

Chesil Vista will also have its restaurant refurbished this winter. As a Chesil Vista guest you will be able to visit this restaurant and experience the new menu there, giving you a greater choice of places to eat and drink in Weymouth. On top of these new projects and investments, we will continue to work on our park infrastructure and facility maintenance over the winter to keep the park clean and bright for the 2019 season.

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