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    5 Fun Things to Do in Dorset for Adults

    19 / April / 2024

    If you’re looking for fun things to do in Dorset for adults, you won’t be disappointed! There’s something for everyone in this stylish, cultural, west country hamlet.

    Dorset is a picturesque UK coastal resort that’s packed with breathtaking landscapes, notable historical sites and fun holiday activities. But this endlessly amusing scenic paradise isn’t only a great place to keep the kids entertained during the long summer holidays.

    Here are 5 fun ideas for grown-ups in need of some well-deserved ‘me-time.’

    Wine Tasting at Bride Valley Vineyard

    There’s plenty to keep wine lovers busy in Dorset. In fact, there are several award-winning wines made in the region. Dorset’s many south-facing slopes, coupled with its ideal soil quality make it the perfect location for vineyards.

    If you enjoy discovering new wines, a trip to this celebrated vineyard on the breathtaking Jurassic Coast promises to be the perfect day out!

    Bride Valley Vinyard offers wine tasting, along with a tour of the magnificent 10-hectare vineyard site, with opportunities to buy their award-winning wines directly from the cellar.

    Visit the Magical Blue Pool

    Blue Pool is a magical body of water that draws hundreds of visitors to its stunning Purbeck site every season. One of the most magical things about Blue Pool is that it appears to change colour. The presence of clay particles suspended in the water causes a diffraction of light in various directions, resulting in beautiful shades of blue, green or even turquoise.

    For visitors to this serene body of water, the effect is spectacular!

    There are also tea rooms at Blue Pool, where visitors can fill their stomachs after feasting their eyes.

    Spa Days at Bowleaze Cove

    Fans of spa days and pampering holidays will be completely at home in Dorset. Pampering is taken very seriously in this part of the world with several luxury spas and wellness retreats throughout the region.

    What could be better than basking in pure indulgence among these striking locations and tranquil surroundings?

    Bowleaze Cove Holiday Park & Spa is a beachfront oasis of camping, glamping and pampering. A rejuvenating paradise where you can allow the sun and sea air to revive and refresh you while enjoying stunning coastal views and sumptuous spa treatments.

    And if you’re too relaxed to travel home after an extra special spa day, Bowleaze Cove offers a range of luxury holiday park accommodations, which include hot tub holidays and self-catering caravans.

    Kayaking along the Jurassic Coast

    Kayaking is without doubt one of the most fun things to do in Dorset for adults.

    Dorset is known as the perfect location for water activities of all kinds, with schools, centres and rentals throughout the region.

    It’s hardly surprising, then, that South Dorset is considered so perfect for kayaking, surfing paddleboarding and a wide range of other water activities.

    Kayaking along the Jurassic Coast offers stunning views of this breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    A rare opportunity to paddle through crystal-clear waters, glide past jaw-dropping cliffs and explore mysterious hidden coves.

    Walking along Chesil Beach

    A scenic walk along Chesil Beach offers 18 miles of oceanic walkways and stunning views of the surrounding area.

    With its pebbled shores and rolling tides, this South Dorset beach offers a tranquil escape from the busyness of the world. With nothing but the soothing sound of waves crashing against the stones to disrupt the silence, you’ll know for certain that the holiday has begun.

    Perfect for a regular after-dinner stroll or an adventurous early morning hike.

    Where to Stay in Dorset

    If you’re interested in long, lingering beach walks, and seafront accommodation, check out our last-minute availability at Chesil Beach Holiday Park.

    Situated on Chesil Beach itself, with panoramic sea vistas, this is the perfect holiday spot for enjoying the beautiful Dorset coastline.

    Go walking every day or book a Signature Seaview holiday home and simply open your windows to enjoy the view.

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  • Which? Recommended Award Winning Parks Why Waterside?